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Welcome to my Services page. Here you’ll find information about all the services I offer, as a Spiritual Care professional. I’ve served in ministry with the United Church of Canada for over 20 years. It’s been a rich learning ground in the practice of accompanying and guiding people through life’s most monumental transitions.


Whether it’s crafting a uniquely-you wedding ceremony or a touching and

personal celebration of life, I bring a down to earth, wise presence to the

process. I’ve recently added Spiritual Direction and End of Life Doula services

to my offerings. This means I offer spiritual guidance through beginnings and

endings but also in the important times between.  


If you find yourself in one of those liminal life moments, reach out and we can

see if my gifts and skills match your needs.

Beth Hayward on pilgramage
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My role, as your officiant,
is to ensure that the ceremony itself is all you have dreamed.

Group Hug

Given my training and background as a spiritual leader, my particular focus for end-of-life care is supporting people.

Image by Rhodi Lopez

As a seasoned funeral officiant, I bring a depth of understanding to the grieving process that is

A Supportive Hug

As a spiritual director, I offer a unique and supportive space for individuals on their spiritual

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