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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction by Beth Hayward
Spiritual Direction by Beth Hayward


My training as a Spiritual Director comes from over 20 years of experience in pastoral ministry., many continuing education courses in addition to my Master of Divinity degree, and most recently training from Still Point (, who have been offering programs for spiritual exploration and formation for over forty years. 


As a spiritual director, I offer a unique and supportive space for individuals on their spiritual journey. My services are centered around facilitating deep and meaning conversations, introspection, and exploration of one’s spiritual beliefs and experiences. I create a safe and non-judgmental environment for clients to express their thoughts and feelings, helping them navigate the complexities of life through a spiritual lens. 


Each spiritual direction relationship is unique and might include some or all the following: understanding religious texts (my expertise is Christian), exploring mindfulness and meditation, learning to incorporate ritual into one’s life, exploring spiritual trauma specifically caused by organized religion,…


My goal is to guide and empower individuals to connect with their inner selves, cultivate a deeper sense of purpose, and engage practices to bring a sense of grounding to their lives. Through our sessions I help clients foster self-awareness, growth, and a deep connection with their spirituality.

My fees for Spiritual Direction are $100 for each 55-minute session.

I generally recommend a minimum of five sessions I offer a 25% discount for students.

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