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Speaking/ Preaching

Speaking is not only one of my favourite things to do, it’s a skill I’ve honed over many years of tireless struggle and practice. If you’re looking for a guest speaker, preacher, a keynote,... reach out here.


Beth Hayward

My style is a mix of informal, humourous, engaging, contemporary, down to earth and super relatable. My preaching is rooted in my Open and Relational Theological lens. This means that I understand the world as a series of events, as opposed to objects. I understand God as the pervasive, persistent lure towards life abundant, beauty, and justice. I have experienced God, not as an external cheerleader or judge but as the very essence of love incarnate in all of creation. This understanding of the divine and the world is seamlessly woven into all of my preaching.


I can preach on a wide range of topics, on any biblical text. I am particularly interested in –

   -   Artificial Intelligence and Faith

   -   Radical Hospitality as a faith response to the Climate Crisis

   -   Open and Relational Theologies – what is it and how it can save the church

   -   Let’s Talk about Dying

   -   Hot Bible Topics such as 

       “Redefining Sin,” 

       “What is eternal life anyway?” “

       "Does God demand my good behaviour?” 


On all of the above I can offer a single sermon or a series. Contact me here if you’d like me to preach at your church.

Keynote Speeches & Workshop Leadership

I don’t just speak on Sunday mornings! In fact, as I balance a full time church job with all of my other interests, I am more available to speak outside of worship services. I offer motivational talks on a range of topics, usually around the intersection of spirituality and real life events and challenges, (think leadership, significant life events, conflict, meaning and purpose…) The sky’s the limit, but your best way to see if I might be a fit for you groups is to explore my website. If you find something I’ve written or spoken on previously, that feels relevant to your context - reach out.!

Beth Hayward speaking during Blue Christmas service
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