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Souls in Soles podcast by Beth Hayward
 Behind the scenes of podcast setup Souls in Soles by Beth Hayward

Souls in Soles

Exploring the Spiritual Spectrum: a podcast for seekers and questioners

Beth’s podcast is akin to gathering around a cozy hearth, deep in conversation with new found kindred spirits.

When I embark on conversations with diverse people in Souls in Soles, my aspiration is to unveil the hidden beauty that graces our world.  Delving beneath the surface, I aim to unearth the very roots of these guests’ lives - the rich soil of struggle, grief, and uncertainty that fuels their fireside narratives. 


This podcast emerges as an outgrowth of my Christian faith… let me explain! I’m part of an emerging cadre of leaders carving out space for an expression of Christianity that is all-embracing and perpetually inquisitive. Amidst the clamor of prevailing Christian voices that often resonate with judgment, exclusion, and even animosity, my intent is not to engage in divisive discourse. I seek, instead, to stand firmly on the bedrock of my faith, illuminating an inquiring, vulnerable, and questioning rendition of contemporary Christianity.


This journey isn’t confined to dialogues with Christians alone. I speak with scientists, journalists, musicians, yogis, artists, and more. I speak with those who have left the church and those who have never, and will never, cross its threshold.  The spiritual but not religious and the devoutly religious, equally captivate my interest. 


In every conversation, there’s a common thread - a quest for purpose, a desire to better oneself, and a conviction to contribute to their communities of influence. I go below the surface, delving into inner motivations, moments of vulnerability, and the lessons that seem perpetually elusive. By highlighting those who embody the essence of a fulfilled life, I underscore the profound similarity between them and those of us who believe our journey is riddled with stumbling blocks.  

If you’re interested in:
- Down-to-earth talk on high holy matters

- Insights into people’s spiritual epiphanies

- Candid discussions about the challenges of profound exploration

- heart to heart conversations on heartache, hope, fear, love, and the grand tapestry of spirituality that brings us to our knees…


I invite you to tune in. I’m always receptive to suggestions for fresh topics and new guests. Feel free to each out to me via email (click here).

S: 2 E:7 Jonathan Foster

Jonathan Foster is a brilliant podcaster, a wise thinker, and genuinely grounded human being. We talk about the lie that 'I'm innocent and you're guilty,' the lie of our separateness, and the way you have nothing to lose when you've lost the most precious gift of life. Oh...and we talk about God in pretty refreshing way.

S:2 E:5 Daniel Wolpert

Do contemplation and social action go together? Dan Wolpert answers with an unequivocal "yes"! Here, he talks about how grounding your outward life in a deeply spiritual inner life creates the sweet spot where real change begins. 

S2:E:3 James F. McGrath

Dr. James F. McGrath, Professor of New Testament Language and Literature at Butler University, sits down to talk sci-fi and religion. Whether you're here for the sci-fi or the theology this conversation won't disappoint. This is part of the sermon series "AI: Saving Grace?" You can check it out here.

S: 2 E:6 David Hayward

The Naked Pastor!! You know his clever cartoons, deconstructing religious biases, but do you know the man behind the art? David Hayward has centred life around the truth that we are all one and we are all utterly whole. We talk art and life and how it is that you don't have to become your authentic self, you just need to see that it's true!

S:2 E:4 Linda Kintsler

Kintsler is an academic and writer. In July 2021 she published at article in the New York Times entitled "Can Silicon Valley Find God?" In it she makes a compelling case for all of us to pay a bit better attention to who is determining the ethics of the digital world. Should religious voices be at the AI table? Does religion have anything to offer in the realm of computer science and business? 

S:2 E:2 Tristan Norman

Tristan Norman teaches English in Japan. Originally from Arkansas, he grew up in a context with Christian, Buddhist and atheist influences. All of this in the reality of the stereotypical conservatism of the deep south. As a young adult Tristan has done some deep soul searching to find out who he really is and how we will live his life authentically.   For anyone with some opinions about what all Millennials are like, take a listen - this insightful guy is going places!

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