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Officiant – Weddings & Funerals

Wedding Couple where Beth Hayward was the officiant
Flowers Candles Funeral where Beth Hayward was the officiant

It might seem funny to couple my wedding services together with my end-of-life offerings. These are, however, some of the key milestones in life and they require a similar skill set and passion for accompanying people through their most significant transitions. 

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 • Wedding Officiant
• Funeral Officiant

What We

Wedding Couple where Beth Hayward was the officiant
Wedding Couple where Beth Hayward was the officiant
Beth Hayward- Funeral officiant


Wedding Officiant

Your wedding is a deeply personal day, where you invite your

most favourite people, (and perhaps some required

relatives), to bear witness to your love. You spend countless

hours planning every little detail to create the most special

day of your life. My role, as your officiant, is to ensure that the ceremony itself is all you have dreamed.

As an ordained Minister in the United Church, I bring over
twenty years of experience, not just performing weddings but helping couples create just the right ceremony. Many couples don’t really know what they want to include but they know the feeling they hope to achieve. I take the time to meet you, to learn your story, to listen to what matters most to you and then I weave it together to create a ritual that’s just right for your day.  Whether you’re religious, or spiritual but not religious, or absolutely-not spiritual, I have the sensitivity and experience to create a container to hold your love and express your deepest feelings on your wedding day.

My heart is attuned to the spiritual dimensions of love and from this

I bring a unique and transformative touch to your special day. I have

honed my skills as a grounded presence for your wedding day. My

magic is a down to earth, natural approach, serious with a bit of

humour thrown in.  I pick up on your vibe and run with it.  

Because sadly it still needs to be said, I am
LGBTQ2S+ affirming, always without reservation.

I perform weddings within the HRM. You choose the location and I perform the ceremony.


Wedding Package A $450.00


- 1 hour planning session of your personalized ceremony

- 1 hour rehearsal

- Wedding Ceremony

- Travel within the HRM

Package B

Includes all of Package A plus

- 3 hours of group pre-marriage class which includes these topics (communication, conflict resolution, finances, spiritual).

Wedding Couple where Beth Hayward was the officiant
Wedding Couple where Beth Hayward was the officiant

Funeral, Memorial Service, and Celebration of Life Officiant

Beth Hayward- Funeral officiant

As a seasoned funeral officiant, I bring a depth of

understanding to the grieving process that is unmatched.

Whether you know precisely what you want or come to this

moment having never thought of what it might look like, I

bring the expertise and experience to guide and support
you in creating the most beautiful and authentic ritual

possible. I work closely with you to create and lead a ritual that is authentic to your loved one and their values.

I am rooted in a deeply open-hearted expression of the Christian tradition. For this reason, I am best suited for some of the following types of people: spiritual but not religious, those bringing together different religious traditions, those who feel culturally Christian. If you want a progressive, love-focused take on religious traditions, you’ll find all of this with me.

As in all that I do, I am fully affirming of the LGBTQ2S+ community and their loved ones. My goal is to facilitate a celebration of the life of your loved one (or you, if you’re planning ahead), that provides comfort, solace, and a tangible sense of peace.

Funeral Package  $450.00

- 1 hour planning meeting (follow up emails and consultation to finalize details)
- 2 hours on the day of the service
- Travel to service and planning meeting with the HRM

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